My Pet Peeves About Ghost Hunters

I am not here to trash fellow paranormal investigators. I love the fact that there are so many of us out there now. It gives legitimacy to the field and gives us others to compare notes to. Also with so many of us out there it has made the market for ghost hunting equipment explode and now we have so much more to choose from.They even have college courses in paranormal investigating now and certifications for it.

The thing that bugs me are all of the investigators that say that this doesn’t work and that doesn’t work and they are giving bad reviews of products that people have put their heart and soul into creating. Or they are trashing the location they have visited, which is not fair either. Just because you didn’t make contact doesn’t mean there is nothing there. If you went fishing and didn’t catch anything, you wouldn’t trash the lake. I am quite sure that these people are either new to the field or they have something that is blocking them from communicating. Here are some tips about communicating.

ghost behind glass

The first thing I would say is that you have to have the right environment. Wood County Watchers, which is my group, has only 3 of us. We occasionally have a guest with us, but only after they have been given instructions on how to react to things and the proper attitude to have towards our ghostly friends. The area you are investigating needs to be quiet and free of chaos. This is one reason I believe that you get more activity at night. It’s not because it is dark and that is scarier. It is because we tend to get more interaction from spirits because it is quieter and calmer. If you have 15 people at a location and lots of noise and activity going on, the chances of contact are greatly diminished. Cell phones need to be silenced, especially if you are using ghost hunting apps on your phone. No radios or other loud sounds. The one exception I will make to this rule is if you are using period music as a trigger object. Even in this case it should not be up super loud.

The next thing I will talk about is the attitude of the investigators. Negative energy will kill a ghost hunt in about 2 seconds. No one wants to be around a negative Nellie, and that includes ghosts. If you were in a room with someone that was hostile towards you or had a negative attitude about your existence, you would want to leave the room and so do they. So everyone needs to have a positive attitude and be excited about making contact. Never bring anyone on a ghost hunt just to convince them that they exist. It will backfire in your face. You won’t make contact and they will still not believe in it because you didn’t. Also, never bait the spirits. We are always respectful of them and the fact that we are intruding on their existence, not the other way around. We always speak to them with respect as well. Don’t yell at them to prove they exist. This again creates a hostile environment and I wouldn’t want to talk to you either.


Now I come to the equipment issue. Most of the ghost hunting equipment we have used has been great in it’s own way. We have never failed to make contact. My one suggestion after following the two above is to make sure you have done your research on how to use these items. Always, always, always record your sessions. Did I mention to always record your sessions? And last, but not least, always record your sessions. The biggest complaint I see is people saying they are not getting EVP’s. We always record our sessions. You can get a good digital recorder on Amazon for about $60. It plugs right into your computer’s USB port to transfer files. You always need to go back and listen to your audio files. I use a program called a wave pad because I can slow down or speed up audio and I can separate it into smaller files and edit out the background noise.We often think we hear something and go back and it is not what we thought we heard and more than not, we will hear things on the tape that we didn’t hear with our ears.

The second thing is to research your equipment. Make sure you know how it works and that you are using it properly. This can be the difference between getting something and not. You may get something and not realize it or worse yet, think you get something and find out you didn’t. That is very depressing. Been there, done that. I would also suggest to watch you tube tutorials on the equipment as well. You can follow our You tube page at Wood County Watchers . We post reviews and tutorials as well and you can always ask questions on our Facebook page here .

Last but not least. Don’t get discouraged. I believe that some people have more of an ability to speak with these spirits because of an openness to it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Have an open mind about communicating and you will.

Thanks for reading!



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